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Tapatio Anejo Tequila NOM 1139 750ml

Tapatio Anejo Tequila NOM 1139 750ml
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La Alteña distillery has been producing some of the finest tequila in Mexico for over 75 years.  Tapatio Tequila is distilled exclusively from agaves grown on Master Distiller Carlos Camarena’s family estate.  The agaves are cooked for four days in brick ovens, crushed using a combination of tahona and roller mill, and distilled to near proof. 

AGAVE TYPE:Tequilana Weber,
AGAVE REGION:Jalisco (Los Altos),
REGION:Jalisco (Los Altos Southern),
COOKING:Stone/Brick Ovens,
WATER SOURCE:Deep well water,
FERMENTATION:100% agave, Wood fermentation tanks, Open-air fermentation, Fermentation with fibers,
DISTILLATION:2x distilled,
STILL:Copper Pot,
AGING:Bourbon barrels,
ABV/PROOF:40% abv (80-proof)
OTHER:No additives

Production Details Via https://tequilamatchmaker.com/

Mackenzie's Tasting Notes:

The nose is very complex, and not what you might expect from an anejo.  Up front there is a noticeable green quality: Asparagus, spring mix, and fresh cut grass.  Then the barrel and agave influences kick in with aromas of oak, clove, vanilla, white bread, and cooked agave.

The taste is more inline with what you'd expect from an aged tequila.  Flavours of cooked agave, holiday spice, oak, and vanilla. 

The finish is long and slightly sweet.  For those tequila enthusiasts who enjoy the agave characteristic of blancos, but are looking to branch out into aged tequilas Tapatio Anejo is a great starting point.

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