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Select Aperitivo Aperitif 750ml

Select Aperitivo Aperitif 750ml

Region ITALY

Type Liqueur
Varietal Aperitifs


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Wine Profile

Tasting Notes Nose: strong & tonic primary notes, with citrus fruit & essential oils, combined with fresh, balsamic, resinous eucalyptus and menthol notes. Secondary notes are complex & herbaceous. Palate: complex & intense with bitter notes from roots & barks; spicy & tropical notes come through at mid-palate that balance the citrus notes. The finish is pleasant with fresh & rich notes coming from the citrus fruit & essential oils.
Other Notes Recipe idea - The Original Venetian Spritz 3 parts prosecco 2 parts Select Aperitivo 1 splash soda water Pour into a wine glass over ice.

Founded in Venice and still at home there, where it holds its own against Aperol as a base for the classic Venetian Spritz (some claim that it was, in fact, the first bitter to make its way into the formula). The deep red liqueur balances bitter and sweet notes, which mingle with vanilla, cardamom and ginger root.

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