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Pasote Reposado Tequila NOM 1579 750ml

Pasote Reposado Tequila NOM 1579 750ml
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AGAVE TYPE:Tequilana Weber,
AGAVE REGION:Jalisco (Los Altos), Single Estate,
REGION:Jalisco (Los Altos Southern),
COOKING:Stone/Brick Ovens,
WATER SOURCE:Deep well water, Rain water,
FERMENTATION:Stainless steel tanks, 100% agave,
DISTILLATION:2x distilled,
STILL:Copper Pot,
AGING:Used barrels, Bourbon barrels,
ABV/PROOF:40% abv (80-proof)
OTHER:No additives

Production Details Via https://tequilamatchmaker.com/

Mackenzie's Tasting Notes:

The nose on Pasote Reposado is light, but not lacking in character.  Aromas of cooked agave, vanilla, clove, and some subtle herbaceous notes (oregano, thyme, bell pepper) can be detected.

Bold flavours of black licorice, cinnamon, sweet potato, cooked agave, and some smoky/earthy qualities on the palate.

The finish is long and slightly sweet with a strong note of black licorice.


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