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Pasote Xtra Anejo Tequila NOM 1579 750ml

Pasote Xtra Anejo Tequila NOM 1579 750ml

Region Mexico

Type Tequila
Varietal Extra Anejo


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Pasote is produced at one of the most respected tequila distilleries in Mexico, Destileria El Pandillo NOM 1579.  All tequila produced at NOM 1579 comes from agave which have been cooked in traditional brick ovens and crushed with a tahona.  Before bottling Pasote, a combination of deep well water and rainwater is used to bring down the alcohol content.

Mackenzie's Tasting Notes:

Initial aromas of sweet lemon, black pepper, rosemary, and cedar.  Coming back to the nose after letting this tequila open up, I get buttered toast, oak, vanilla, and holiday spices. 

Despite being aged for over four years, there is a noticeable flavour of cooked agave on the palate.  Lots of minerality, herbaceous flavours, and some tropical fruit.

The finish is medium in length with flavours of citrus zest, oak, and vanilla.

Pasote Xtra Anejo exhibits a balance of barrel influence and agave flavour that truly make it one of the finest extra anejos available.  

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