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Matua Pinot Gris 750ml

Matua Pinot Gris 750ml
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Wine Specs
Pinot Gris
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
Rich ripe aromas of stonefruit, juicy pear and almond meal set the scene, a good slurp and the flavours are set free on your palate, leaving a light coating of honey from the naturally retained sugars lingering in your mouth, delish!
Production Notes
Like orchard fruit at its peak ripeness, this wine should be enjoyed young and vibrant to get the most out of the juicy fruit flavours that dominate this wine.
Winemaker Notes
As with all of our wines, our winemakers take great care of the grapes all the way from the vine to the bo?le. Machine harvested in the cool of the night and when the berry bunches are just so, it’s sent straight to the winery for crushing. ?e pressings and free run portion of juice are added together to give the wine another layer of texture. ?en, a few cra?y varieties of yeast are let free to get to work on releasing all the beautiful varietal aromas during fermentation. 6 months later, into the bo?le and wa-la, this lovely drop is ready for drinking.
Food Pairing Notes
Pinot Gris with its zesty and refreshing acidity pairs really well with fresh vegetables, raw fish and lighter meals. Fish and shellfish are classic pairing partners with Pinot Gris!