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Lepanto Gran Reserva Brandy De Jerez PX 750ml

Lepanto Gran Reserva Brandy De Jerez PX 750ml

Region Spain
Appellation Jerez

Type Brandy/Cognac/Armangac
Varietal Brandy


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Wine Profile

Production Notes Lepanto spends 15 years ageing in oak barrels previously used for ageing Fino. As a result it acquires a brilliant topaz colour with gold and orange reflections. On the nose are notes of caramel and vanilla together with dried almonds. Dry and delicate on the palate, with hints of nuts.

Lepanto is the only brandy to be distilled in the city of Jerez. Established in 1886, the company's brandies are all made from Palomino grapes and aged for 15 years, the difference being the cask used. The Solera Gran Reserva is matured in Fino casks, leading to a dry and elegant delicious brandy.

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