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Gehringer Brothers Classic Auxerrois 750mL

Gehringer Brothers Classic Auxerrois 750mL
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Wine Specs
Okanagan Valley
Wine Profile
Winemaker Notes
Auxerrois is a classic wine with a soft mellow acidity, rich in subtle fruit flavours and vinted in an off-dry style. Auxerrois has adapted to the Okanagan extremely well. Each Fall brings this grape to maturity with a perfect acid balance. A wine to serve when one is not sure of one's guests’ preference. A taste profile that doesn't tire a palate. This wine style is not intense fruit, but rather a rich mellow wine bouquet. The wine has a pleasant, dry mouth feel, with just a touch of sweetness evident, to polish the finish.
Food Pairing Notes
It is a great accompaniment to seafood, especially scallops and shell fish. Also a perfect choice with consommés,cream sauce dishes, and delicate-flavoured foods.