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Casale Del Giglio Petit Verdot 750ml

Casale Del Giglio Petit Verdot 750ml

Region ITALY
Appellation Lazio

Type Red
Varietal Petit Verdot


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Wine Profile

Tasting Notes This deep crimson wine displays an intense, lingering aroma of red berry fruit, cherry, myrtle and juniper. Elegant and full-bodied, with rich velvety tannins, the wine presents a spicy, white peppery finish.
Food Pairing Notes The perfect match for red meat based dishes - beef & lamb in particular.

A red grape variety from Bordeaux, Petit Verdot’s traditional role has been that of a minor partner in blends with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

A late ripening variety, Petit Verdot has adapted perfectly to the microclimate of the Agro Pontino valley where bright sunshine, sea breezes and warm soil allow the grape to mature to perfection and to be vinified as a pure varietal – something of a rarity in Italy.

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