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Samantha Torrance
October 13, 2015 | Samantha Torrance

For All the Beer Lovers!

Did you know that Everything Wine and More has a Growler bar? Not sure what a Growler bar is? Our Growler bar is a specialized system where you can get draft beer in a bottle to take home for later enjoyment. We also pressurize our bottles so they last up to 3 months unopened. Growlers come in one and two liter bottles that cost $4.99 and $8.99 respectively. It is a onetime purchase of the bottles themselves. Every time you come in after the first purchase you simply pay for the liter refills. 

We keep 11 beers and 1 cider on tap with a rotational selection. We also offer tastings of our taps before you choose which beer to fill your growler with. I will highlight some of my favorites from our bar in Sherwood Park and include ABV (Alcohol by Volume) and IBU (International Bittering Units) for determining which beers you may like.

Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider - $8.99/1L Fill
Angry Orchard is our only cider on tap and is certified Gluten Free for all those who want draft, but don’t want gluten. With a crisp apple aroma and flavour this cider is hard to resist. It sits at 5% ABV so you can enjoy a growler to yourself or with friends. This cider is medium sweet and it will be hard to share a growler of this with anyone other than yourself.

Fruli Strawberry Belgian White - $12.99/1L Fill
Fruli is one of our sweet beers so if you’re not a huge beer fan or want somewhere to start the night with, Fruli is your beer!  At 4.1% ABV and 15 IBU this wheat beer is sweet and juicy. There is loads of strawberry on the nose and in the flavours of the beer. Made with real strawberry juice, this beer is smooth and easy drinking. Think Hubba Bubba Gum!

Pyramid Apricot Fruit Ale - $9.99/1L Fill
This Apricot ale combines the refreshing taste of fresh apricots and smooth wheat beer. Unfiltered, this beer is 5.1% ABV and has 11 IBU. This beer has 3 gold medals with the latest being in 2014 for the Fruit Wheat Beer category at the Great American Beer Festival. Grab it before it’s gone! When this beer is done we will be replacing it with fall seasonal flavour. 

Phillips Electric Unicorn IPA - $7.99/1L Fill
This beer is a white ale that starts with banana notes and moves into citrusy hops with a spiced, dry finish. I found a lot of grapefruit flavours and aromas in this beer on the palate. This beer is 65 IBU and has an ABV of 6.5% giving it more of a bitter finish. This beer is great for drinking with friends or enjoying while watching the big game. This hoppy seasonal beer will only be around for a limited time so fill up your growler today!

Alley Kat Pumpkin Pie Spiced Ale - $7.99/1L Fill
Alley Kat’s seasonal Pumpkin Pie beer is back just in time for fall! This beer is the closest thing you can get to a pumpkin pie in a bottle. It has wonderful spices of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg on the nose and raw pumpkin pie on the tongue. With a 5.4% ABV and 20 IBU this beer is slightly sweet and perfect for sharing at family dinners. As suggested by one of our customers, try rimming your pint glass with brown sugar before pouring your beer for an added dessert essence.

Brewsters Hawaiian Coconut Porter - $7.99/1L Fill
Last, but not least, is Brewsters new Coconut Porter. This creamy British style porter is aged with fresh coconut for a flavourful trip to the islands. You will get a lot of chocolate and toasted coconut on the nose with more smooth, toasty chocolate coconut on the finish. At 5% ABV and 32 IBU this beer is delectable shared with friends and family. Try it with Coconut Cream pie for dessert.

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Sheri Forster
October 13, 2015 | Sheri Forster

New & Notable Reds

I get asked many times a day “Sheri, what is your favourite wine?”  That’s like asking me about a favorite child … “Well that depends on the day” :)  
So instead of favourite, I thought I would talk about wines that are New to our store that I feel are Notable (worth remembering and drinking!).

Casas Del Bosque Gran Reserva Syrah $23.99
Casablanca Valley, Chile 

The Syrah grapes from this region come from the vineyards in the coldest part of the Casablanca Valley, with high slopes and warm sun and a cool Pacific breeze. Deep Dark Ruby Red in colour.  Aromas of dark ripe cherry, blackberry and stewed plum and hints of flowers, sharp white pepper, cocoa and sweet oaky vanilla.  What is only hinted at on the nose comes alive on the palate, with white pepper and flower petals coating the mouth with a pleasant heat.  Ripe cherry and oak linger, with medium tannin and woodsy finish.  The winemaker has created an elegant Syrah that highlights the beautiful cool climate region where the grapes are grown.  This well balanced red wine is both bold and pretty and meant to be savoured one sip at a time.

Rated 91 points by Wine Spectator and my vote as a New and Notable!
Additional Notes:  Ready to drink now or cellar for the next couple of years.  I personally recommend decanting for 30 – 60 minutes for optimal flavour.  I feel pairing a wine is about personal preference, but I had this full bodied Syrah with salt and pepper beef ribs, which emphasized the white pepper on the palate.  I love the heat mixed with the dark cherry.

Some other not so new, but definitely Notable Syrah’s from Chile you might want to try:
Vina Chocalan Reserva Syrah $17.99
Falernia Reserva Syrah $20.99
Vina Maipo Valle del Maipo Limited Edition Syrah $29.99
Tabali Reserva Syrah Especial $21.49


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