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Jeramy Torrance
June 14, 2013 | Jeramy Torrance

New Treats to Try

A lot has been happening here at the store in the last little while. We had a visit from the wine maker of Joie Farms out of the Okanagan, I personally got to meet Alan Schmidt of Vineland Estates, and we hosted our first private classroom function. On top of all of that, we have been bringing in a lot of exciting new products! I have had the pleasure of being able to sample a few and I’d like to share my finds with the rest of you.

Melville’s Craft Fruit Beers – Strawberry, Raspberry, and Ginger ($11.49 per 4 Pack)

For those of you familiar with Innis & Gunn beers out of the UK, you’ll have to check out their new venture, Melville’s Craft fruit beers! The three new flavours are produced in small batches by the distillery. Personally, my favourite is the Strawberry. With a touch of sweetness it reminds me of freshly made strawberry jam. Don’t let the fruitiness fool you these are real beers with fruit flavour and not the other way around. The Raspberry is reminiscent of a Raspberry pie and the Ginger packs a nice kick at the end of your palate. Considering I am not entirely fond of the taste of real ginger, this was a pleasant surprise. All three are delicious and refreshingly crisp! If you are not a fan of fruit beers, FEAR NOT For Innis & Gunn have released two new beers for their line.

The first is the Scottish Pale Ale, retailing at $3.79 per bottle. The beer is crisp and light, with a lovely hint of the wood coming through on the finish. With Canada’s Birthday in the near future may I present the Canadian Cherry Wood beer. What makes it Canadian? They’ve added maple syrup to the beer, which is mildly gimmicky, but it creates a nice thick beer that coats your mouth. The flavour is primarily malty with a touch of bitter on the end. I enjoyed this beer to the very last drop. It is the fifth annual release of Innis & Gunn’s limited edition brews and priced at $5.49.

Aviation American Gin -- $41.99

I am a gin lover! This means, I need to gush about the new gin that just came in a few weeks ago. Aviation is an American style gin, making it little different from the London Dry I referred to in my previous blog post. The big difference I find in this one is the smell and taste is a more robust. Sarsaparilla was used in the distillation and I find it really comes out on the nose. A total of eight spices go into the creation, including the classic Juniper and Coriander. Wine Enthusiast has called it the best gin they have ever seen, rating it at 97 points (For comparison that is 5 points higher than Bombay or Hendricks has ever been rated). For a real treat, try out the Classic Aviation Cocktail:

• 1 1/2 OZ Aviation Gin
• 1 TSP. Crème de violets
• 1/2 OZ Maraschino Liqueur
• 1/4 OZ Simple syrup
• 3/4 OZ Freshly pressed lemon juice
1. In a pint glass, add spirits & mixers
2. Fill with ice
3. Shake vigorously
4. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass
5. Garnish with a cherry on a pick

One final note about gin, I need to make an amendment to a prior comment I made about “most tonics being the same”. We recently acquired a line of high end mixes; included are the QTonic, QSoda, and QGinger. Made with all natural ingredients, they are crisp and clean. One of the interesting facts I learned is that it has 60% of the calories of the tonics you find at your grocery store. Try your next Gin and Tonic with a bottle of QTonic for $2.79, or pick up a four pack for $10.99.

Sebastiani Merlot 2007 (Sonoma, California) -- $18.99

Seeing as this is Everything Wine and More we need to talk Wine! I spent days mulling over what I could write about when inspiration struck me with a random staff sample of one of our display wines. I have not had the opportunity to try a large variety of merlot, and for the most part I was not a big fan of what I have had. This 2007 has changed my opinion on that! Since it's 6 years old, the wine has seen a good amount of bottle aging which has really softened the tannins. The smell is primarily plummy; it reminds me of a Taylor LBV Port if it was deprived of all the sugar. The fruit carries onto the palate, but the real pleasure comes from the silky feeling of the tannins coating your mouth. Most people describe this mouthfeel as smooth which is very common for Merlots. Enjoy with stronger cheee such as a smoked Gouda or aged English Cheddar. It would be a mistake to miss out on this fantastic wine. It’s a wine that’s ready to drink now and is a great example of how good quality wines can age and make it drink like a bottle worth twice as much. Pick it up for your next dinner party and you’re sure to impress the masses.

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