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Ruth Blakely
April 23, 2019 | Ruth Blakely

Spring into Rose!

Spring into Rosé

Longer days, sunshine and warmer temperatures seem to just beg for fresh bright wines.  Whether it’s to sit and sip on the patio or to enjoy with seafood, turkey or ham, rosé is a perfect spring sipper.

Rosé – Rosado in Spain and Rosato in Italy - is defined by its colour, but that colour can vary widely from pale peach or coral to a rich deep pink.  
Virtually every wine region in the world has rosé and the aromas and flavours are as diverse as the grapes used to make to make them.

Red wine gets the vast majority of colour from contact with the skin (most red wine grapes have white flesh). Rosé doesn’t spend long in contact with the skin which limits the amount of tannin present in the wine and results in the paler colour. Longer time on the grape skins results in darker wine.  

Some wines are actually a blend of red and white grapes as is the case in rosé Champagne which can be composed of Chardonnay which is a white grape and Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier which are red.   

The saignée, or “bleeding,” method produces not just a rosé but a red wine as well. In this process, a winemaker will make a red wine according to standard methods but will, early in the process, remove or “bleed” some of the juice from the tank leaving a more concentrated red wine behind. The product that has been removed is sold as rosé.  This practice is less common than the other production methods.

In decades past, rosé in North America was thought of as a gateway to wine.  There are still plenty of sweeter, easy drinking pink wines on the market such as ‘White Zinfandel’ or Rosato Moscato, but they’ve given up a lot of the pink market share to wines made in a more traditional crisp fresh style.

Southern France is the heartland of rosé with full bodied wines from Tavel to the classic pink wines from Provence. The primary grape in these classics is Grenache – the strawberry and citrus aromas wake up your palate and are a lovely accompaniment for food. Tavel is rosé for red wine lovers, carrying a bit spice along with the berry fruit.

Rosé is often a great value with stellar bottles under $30 and many quality offerings near or below the $20 mark


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