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Samantha Torrance
March 4, 2017 | Samantha Torrance

Delicious Alternatives to Classic Favourites

Many people have a go-to spirit when making a drink. Whether it is rum, vodka, whisky, or a liqueur, everyone has something they use more than anything else in their cupboard, and usually it’s always the same brand. I’m going to highlight some spirits that are fantastic alternatives to the mainstream spirits everyone uses, which also stay within the same price range.


Rum and Coke is one of the most iconic drinks in North America. Everyone has heard of it, whether in a bar, from friends, or in a movie or TV show. Chances are if you have ever had a rum and coke it was with Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum ($26.99/750ml). Captain Morgan’s has aromas heavy with vanilla notes and baking spice. Overall it is smooth and sweet.

A brand that I highly recommend as an alternative is the El Dorado Spiced Rum ($28.99/750ml). Their use of natural spices; cinnamon, vanilla and hints of citrus created a complex and well-rounded rum. It is not overly sweet and it is so delightful that you could sip it neat or on ice if you wished.


The most common whisky that moves through our store is Crown Royal ($28.99/750ml). Everyone knows the name, it’s popular with the bar scene, and it’s advertised everywhere. Crown Royal has a rich nose with hints of vanilla and orchard fruit. The flavours show more vanilla and hints of oak with a long finish.

Instead of Crown Royal I highly recommend trying Forty Creek ($28.99/750ml). The nose is similar to Crown, aromas of vanilla and apricot fill your nose, followed by honey, toasted oak, walnut, and spice. Overall it is a more complex aroma. The palate follows through with that of baking spice, vanilla, and an incredibly smooth bold finish. Forty Creek is also a whisky that you can drink neat or on the rocks.


To most people Disaronno ($32.99/750ml) is the only Amaretto! It is sweet on both the nose and palate, has a wonderful almond aroma, with softer almond and some marzipan on the palate.

However, if you are someone who drinks Blueberry Tea, or would prefer a stronger nut flavour in your drink, I recommend Luxardo Amaretto ($28.99/750ml). Luxardo’s Amaretto has a delightful almond aroma, much stronger than that of Disaronno. As well there are some sweet fruits and a hint of zest on the nose. The palate is softly sweet with an intense almond flavour. It moves into candied almonds and has a smooth, long finish. This amaretto is perfect for those who want a more natural nut flavour to their drinks or recipes. Also it is $4.00 cheaper than Disaronno, which will make you and your wallet happy.

Overall all of these are all great products and we always strive to find the best product for you. At Everything Wine and More we are always happy to assist you with any questions you may have about any of our products. Next time you visit, please ask any of our associates about any one of these products that I have recommended.

Time Posted: Mar 4, 2017 at 5:19 PM
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