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Samantha Torrance
March 4, 2016 | Samantha Torrance

Whiskey 101

Welcome to the wonderful world of whiskies. I will be going over my favorites whiskies from around the world that range between $45 -$60 to keep you and your wallets happy.

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon - $47.99

What is the difference between a Bourbon and every other whisky? For a whisky to be labeled as Bourbon the mash of grains used for distilling must contain at least 51% corn, it must be aged in new charred white oak barrels and hold an alcohol content of no more than 80% abv.

Woodford is my pick of all the Bourbons we carry. It has a brilliant amber colour and the nose has rich dried fruits, with hints of orange and cocoa and a touch of tobacco and vanilla. It’s wonderfully complex with notes of citrus, cinnamon, cocoa, toffee and spice on the palate resulting in a smooth rounded Bourbon. Finishing with a creamy silkiness that warms throughout, I highly recommend this Bourbon to anyone wanting to try something new or wanting to indulge in a fantastic drink.

Pike Creek Double Barrel Rye - $47.99

Rye is very similar to Bourbon. It is also aged in new charred white oak barrels and cannot exceed 80% alcohol by volume. The only difference in what makes a Rye a Rye, is that it must contain at minimum 51% Rye grain. Rye tends to give the whisky a spicier, dry finish whereas corn gives Bourbon a sweeter finish.

Pike Creek is hands-down my favourite Rye to recommend people. The double barrel the use of both charred white barrels and old Port wine barrels that give it some added characteristics. Its colour is amber with tinges of ruby red (thanks to the Port barrels). The nose presents with dried fruit and an underlying peppery spiciness with toffee notes. On the palate you taste dried dark fruits, vanilla and toffee that finish with a smooth, warm Port finish. The combination of Rye and Port create a memorable whisky that lingers.

Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve Scotch - $49.99

Most Scotch’s have age statements such as 10 year, 12 year, 15 and so forth. This Scotch was produced when the distillery was running low on reserves of their age stamped Scotches. They created this blend with no age statement to bide time until the aged ones were ready. Now what makes a Scotch a Scotch? Scotch must be made from a mash of malted barley, aged a minimum of three years in oak casks, and distilled with a minimum of 40% alcohol by volume and a maximum of 94.8% alcohol by volume.

Glenlivet is my go-to for people just learning about Scotch’s. It’s unpeated, doesn’t break the bank and it’s really easy drinking! (Even if you’ve always said you don’t like Scotch). The Founder’s Reserve is a honey gold colour with zesty lemon and sweet orange on the nose. The sweet, fruity notes follow into the palate which has notes of pear, sweet orange, toffee & apple leading into a long, creamy, smooth finish.

Bowmore Islay 12 Year Single Malt Scotch - $57.99

This is a classic peated beauty. Scotch gets its ‘peaty’ characteristics when the barley is being dried over fires that have been fed by the local peat moss surrounding the distilleries. The burning of the peat moss gives that distinct smoky aroma and flavour. The smokier a Scotch, the more it dried overtop a peat fire.

This Scotch is a 12 year old and single malt. With blended Scotch’s that have age statements the age on the bottle is only that of the youngest batch of Scotch in the batch. Since this is a single malt scotch, the spirit comes from the same single batch and is aged for the same amount of time.

Bowmore is a fine example of a peated Scotch. It shows off a warm amber colouring that perfectly matches the subtle lemon and honey on the nose followed by classic campfire notes from the peat. Flavours of honey and gentle smoke fill and coat the mouth to provide a smooth, mellow finish. The peat fire gives a soft mineral, earthy aroma and flavour that can only be found in Scotch. I recommend this one for all the Cigar lovers out there. Give it a try today and open up the doors to a splendid world of fantastic whisky!

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