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Locklin McDonald
February 13, 2018 | Locklin McDonald

Natural Wine: Nature as the Wine Maker.

The most excellent wine is one which has given pleasure by its own
natural qualities, nothing must be mixed with it which might obscure its
natural taste.”
(Lucius Junivs Columella, Roman agriculture writer. Born 4. A.D
                           Died 70 A.D.)

A growing interest in natural products is sweeping the world, from grains to leaf vegetables to fish and meats, less is better. The new kid on the block is “Natural Wine”. This blog will help you understand the process of making a true natural wine and offer specific ones to try and some food paring ideas.

The microbiological life of the vineyard is what enables both successful fermentation and the creation of the wine that is able to survive without technological crutch. Sustaining a healthy habitat in the vineyard for these microbes is fundamental for the “Natural Wine’ grower. The microbiological life follows the grapes into the winery, transforms the juice and even makes its way into the bottle. Natural wine is literally, living wine from living soil.

The concept of “Natural Wine is so new, that there is not as of yet a legal definition of what is or is not natural wine. Old world growers from France, Spain and Italy self-regulate charters of quality far stricter than regulations imposed by official organic or biodynamic certification bodies.France has the strictest self- imposed rules of all participating countries allowing no additives, even the yeast must be either air born or living on the grape skins. Some filtration is allowed, but not encourage. Simply put, Natural Wines use Mother Nature’s recipe with the guiding hand of a dedicated wine maker.

Try our newest Rose wine from Pierre- Olivier Bonhomme for only $22.99! His ‘KO’ 2015 Cab Franc / Gamay Rose from the Loire Valley is a Natural wine with light to medium bodied with notes of tobacco leaf, dark spice, white strawberries, dill and a hint of maritime saltiness. Pair with chilled salmon and goat cheese salad.


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