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January 16, 2022 | Everything Wine And More

Organic & Vegan Wine


Produced without the use of animal products. Winemakers either leave the wine unfined, or fine it using non-animal products like bentonite,

Blasted Church Unorthodox Chardonnay

$28.99 /750mL

"They no longer use any animal products in their winemaking process. The wines themselves are vegan. They have chickens roaming and grazing in the vineyard grounds as natural means of controlling unwanted growth, but confirmed that these chickens will not be slaughtered at the end of the season and will live out their lives." - Barnivore.com



Made without the use of pesticides, additives, or processing. Bottled without anything added or removed, resulting in a naturally fermented wine without yeast.

Pearl Morissette Cuvée Métis Rouge

$34.99 /750mL

"Francois Morissette is among the very finest of Canadian winemakers but truthfully he’d stand out in any wine region. All his grapes are farmed organically, native yeast fermentation for all wines with no filtering. Metis means blended, referring to the grapes for the cuvée coming from two of Morissette’s plots." - KingstonWine.com



Produced without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, or any other chemicals or added preservatives. Yeast is added in the fermentation process.

Tantalus Pinot Noir

$45.99 /750mL

"We are committed to the practice of regenerative farming, the goal being to produce the best possible grapes in any given season while preserving and enhancing the biodiversity, soil, and the ecosystem of the land we farm as a whole. We farm without the use of herbicides and insecticides and strive to use only organic-certified sprays. Additional efforts include an on-farm composting system, abandoning all tillage, the implementation of a year-round no-till cover crop program, the use of compost teas and other microbial sprays, and our ongoing collaboration with Arlo’s Honey Farm." - Tantalus.ca



Produced with the principle that the vineyard should be self-sustainable, using other plants and very precise lunar calendars to grow and harvest the grapes. 

Summerhill Biodynamic Riesling

$35.99 /750mL

"Since we don't use any synthetics in our vineyards, we must encourage nature to fill ecological niches and maintain balance. By allowing flowering plants to grow between the rows, we provide a home for beneficial insects such as ladybugs and praying mantises. The natural flora also help to improve our soil life and water retention, important elements to growing quality grapes! Our home vineyard is 17 hectares and the only Demeter certified biodynamic vineyard in British Columbia." - Summerhill.bc.ca


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