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Everything Wine And More
February 20, 2022 | Everything Wine And More

Meet Our Team

Store Manager - Chris A.

"We are incredibly lucky to live in a place and time where we have unparalleled access to the very best wine, beer and spirits from around the world. With new products arriving in Alberta every week, I always encourage our customers to expand their horizons and try something new and exciting."

Spirits Manager - Mackenzie

"I can confidently say we have the most well-curated tequila section in all of Alberta! It highlights the artisanal tequila producers throughout Mexico, with a focus on additive free and family-owned tequila."

Wine Manager - Marcia

"I am one of only 15 Italian Wine Experts through the Vinitaly International Academy (VIA), & a certified VIA Educator teaching the newly formed VIA Italian Wine Maestro Program. I love sharing my passion for wine!"

Beer Manager - Chris G

"Why beer? Because it's the best d*mn drink in the world."

Beer Associate - Abby

"Over the summer I had a unique opportunity to go coast to coast through Canada. One of my goals was to try micro-breweries in every province! I have since developed a passion for craft beer."

Marketing - Annik

"I love having the opportunity to share our store, products, and fun recipes through our emails and social media! It helps me learn more about the things we sell, and ways to better serve customers."

Keyholder - Liam

"I am super excited to learn about the different processes that are used to make beer and that give various styles their distinct flavour profiles. I love trying new things whether it be food or drinks, and I’m excited to expand my knowledge!"

Cashier - Nicole

"Being part of the team here allows me to further my knowledge of liquor and wine, and has sparked an interest in mixology. I'm looking forward to the new cocktail videos this year!"

Cashier - Lauren

"I've enjoyed trying various products, and getting to talk to people about their favourites! Catch me dancing at the till in between customers, or reading bottle labels to learn more."


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