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May 8, 2022 | Everything Wine And More

May Rosé

Rosé is a drink to enjoy all year round, gaining popularity at many celebrations and for a variety of food pairings. However, the height of its popularity is in the summer months - to be drunk on the patio, surrounded by friends, enjoying the long lazy days of summer with endless daylight. Made from every grape imaginable, and from every country around the world, it's easy to findone to suit every palate and taste. Rosé is made from red grapes with various shades of pink resulting from brief tolong periods of contact with the skins. There are four ways to make Rosé and all of these examples are available in our Alberta market.

  1. Saignee - means "to bleed". Juice is in contact with the skin for shortor longer periods of time; whatever shade of pink the winemaker is looking for. Once the desired colour has been reached, a portion of the juice is "bled off" and continues fermentation as a white wine. The leftover skins areadded to the next batch of wine, giving it more structure and tannin.
  2. Direct Press - Grapes are crushed and pressed as if making a white wine. Care is taken to extract a delicate colour but not the tannins of a red wine.
  3. Drawing Off- Red grapes are processed for red wine making, but after fermentation has begun, the juice is drawn off when desired colour has been reached.
  4. Blending - Only allowed in Champagne where red wine is added to white wine to create Rosé. Some fruity, inexpensive new world wines are made this way.

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