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October 10, 2021 | Spirits | Everything Wine And More

Call Me By Your Nom

A common question we often get asked by customers is “I had this particular tequila while in Mexico, do you carry it”?  As of 2021, there are more than 2500 brands of tequila in the global market, and less than 4% of them are available in Alberta.  So unfortunately, the answer to this question is usually “no”.  On the other hand, the number of tequila distillers is far fewer at only 212, and most of these distilleries produce tequila for multiple brands.  So how do you know where that bottle of tequila you had on vacation is made? 

On every bottle of tequila you’ll find a four-digit number referred to as the NOM (Norma Oficial Mexicana).  The NOM of a tequila can be used to trace back to where that tequila is made.  For example, Tapatio Tequila dons NOM 1339, which is associated to La Alteña Distillery, home of three other tequila brands: El Tesoro, Tequila Ocho, and Villa Lobos.  Although you may not be able to find the exact tequila you enjoyed south of the border, with a quick search of the database website TequilaMatchmaker.com you can likely find similar tequila made at the same distillery available at Everything Wine and More.  For help on finding your next favourite tequila, see us in store or try out one of the recommended tequilas below. 

Cascahuin Blanco NOM 1123

El Tequileno Gran Reserva Reposado NOM 1108

Tapatio Anejo NOM          1339



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